• September 1, 2017
    What Now?

    You're an experienced Program Director with years under your belt in various market sizes, so when it comes to the so-called unexpected, you've been there, done that – right?

    Except for that time Hurricane Harvey came along.

    There's no blueprint, no playbook; not even a 60-minute panel on disaster preparedness at Country Radio Seminar could possibly have readied Houston and surrounding radio markets for covering the epic weather event which took place in the last week.

    Harvey was so big, the US National Weather Service (NWS) added new colors to its maps which indicate flood levels. Maybe the late, great artist formerly known as Prince knew something we didn't when he wrote "Purple Rain," as the Weather Service introduced two shades of his favorite-ever color; dark purple for 20-30 inches of rain, and a lighter hue for greater than 30 inches.

  • August 24, 2017
    A Swift Kick

    If the last 11 years – and more recently, the events in a Denver courtroom – have taught us anything, it is the following: this is Taylor Swift's world. You, me, and fellow, ordinary citizens of earth are merely renting blank space here. As a young artist, Swift ...

  • Of all the songs, from all the albums, spanning six decades of Glen Campbell’s prodigious and diverse output of music, how is it that “Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife” remains my all-time favorite? Released in 1968, it peaked at #3, so clearly, it was a popular, ...

  • Last week, I navigated the "sexism at Country radio" minefield in this space and – clearly – that went well, don’t you think? In the process, I learned a few things. Apparently, as one response in the comments section pointed out, I'm "an old radio guy." Another ...

  • Wow. Declaring "sexism." Like yelling "fire" in a theater. Such a dangerous, volatile word to use so recklessly. But Rolling Stone (RS) went there. According to them, female artists aren't played enough and don't achieve #1 hits like the guys do, especially when some are ...

  • Eighty-nine days. That's how long Christie Matthews' retirement from radio lasted. Not that anybody was counting. Okay, maybe one person. When she stepped down from a hectic, high-pressure role as OM for the six-station Saga/Jonesboro, AR cluster, which included ...

  • For Tony Randall and Kris Rochester, known as "Tony & Kris" on the radio for the past 25 years, it was a happy – albeit short – ending. A mere 46 days, to be exact. This week, the pair were anointed successors to the retiring, 20-year morning team of Andy & Alison ...

  • From now on, whatever Brian Gary is selling, I'm buying in large quantities; I'm all in. Also, let me pass along this bit of advice for any of you whose company holds annual meetings and attempts to dazzle you with rah-rah motivational speakers on the last session of the ...

  • Friday's (6/16) chain of events in Sacramento involving Lindsay Ell, KNCI, KBEB, and KNTY is another cautionary tale for radio programmers in competitive situations, and should be filed under the category of, "what could possibly go wrong?" To recap, after previously ...

  • June 16, 2017
    "Rock On, Linda"

    "She died trying." That's Jeff Young, husband of WYCD/Detroit afternoon co-host Linda Lee, recalling the final hours of her battle with cancer – one she ultimately could not win. Determined to accept her 2017 Academy Of Country Music Broadcast Award for Major Market ...

About The Author
R.J. Curtis

RJ launched his radio career fresh out of high school and spent 30 years in the business, 27 exclusive to Country radio and a combined 17 years in three decades at Country KZLA /Los Angeles. His tenure there included every aspect of programming including weekends, mornings, APD/MD, PD and OM.

In the intervening years away from Los Angeles, he oversaw two additional, legendary radio brands as PD and OM of KNIX/Phoenix and KCYY/San Antonio, respectively. At each of his radio stops, these stations received industry recognition via CMA and/or ACM Station of the Year nominations and trophies. During his last stint at KZLA (2000-2006), RJ was recognized as one of Radio Ink's Top 10 Country PDs on four occasions.

His vast radio experience includes a year in syndication, serving as OM for the Blair Garner-hosted After Midnite.

In 2007, RJ transitioned to Radio & Records as Country Editor before joining Arista Nashville’s promotion team in 2009 after R&R ceased publication. A desire to return to trade publications united him with Country Aircheck in 2011 where he served as VP/Country. Now he is proud to join the All Access family as Nashville Editor and looks forward to continuing the strong Country brand established by his predecessor, Jim Asker.

During his 30-plus years in Country, RJ has served the industry as a board member of the CMA, ACM and Country Radio Seminar. He is a past President of CRS, its current VP and chairs the organization’s Country Radio Hall of Fame Committee.

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