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Carolyn Gilbert & Leigh Jacobs

As a broadcast journalism major at Penn State University, Carolyn Gilbert served as WQWK's first female jock before moving on to Cincinnati and WWEZ, WEBN, an audio production company… and two little kids sent to hone her management skills.

Her research career started when she launched Critical Mass Media in the 80's, which she grew from two stations to over 700, serving every major broadcasting group. Eventually, Critical Mass became an "in house" provider of services for the 1200 Clear Channel radio stations, and Carolyn served as President.

Following a stint as EVP/Research and Inside Sales for Tribune, Carolyn teamed with partners Erin Gabbard, Leigh Jacobs and Mike O'Conor to form NuVoodoo in 2010, providing innovative products that work within limited budgets and deliver results. "Because that's the way we always do it," has become a forbidden sentence.

Leigh Jacobs fell in love with radio in 8th grade, got deeply involved in his high school's 10-watt FM station a year later and never recovered. After 20 years in the business, including 16 years as a program director, he joined Critical Mass Media as a perceptual analyst in 1999. Across nearly a decade at Critical Mass, Leigh designed and analyzed hundreds of studies for stations in all formats.

He teamed with partners Carolyn Gilbert and Mike O'Connor to form NuVoodoo in 2010. He continues to look for better questions and better ways to ask them - to give radio stations and owners better insights into listeners. Reach him with your questions at

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