Rumbles From The Row

  • November 3, 2017
    Scandal Comes To Music City

    Let's just agree that the Internet has changed everything about everything. Things happen in faster-than-a-speeding bullet time.

    The scandal involving a Nashville based PR company is best handled by a staff of lawyers. This has been the first Music Row since when? Glen and Tanya? Tammy Wynette's kidnapping? George Jones DUI? But this didn't involve a star, but indirectly it did. Stars, brands and names were put next to the scandal due to association. What did they know and when did THEY know it?

    On the eve of the CMA Awards, Music Row faces another difficult situation. Hollywood comes to Nashville. It's a story not at the conclusion. Like they are saying in Hollywood everyday lately, "Who's next?"

    Water cooler talk on the red carpet, for sure, but dangerous talk with lawyers ready to protect their clients. O'Reilly sued a NJ politician recently for $5 million claiming slander/libel. Dangerous playing field.

  • October 27, 2017
    He Had "IT"

    Can't stop thinking about the Kenny Rogers Farewell tribute this week ...The Gambler has left the building but what a final night! The norm is for someone to die and a tribute follows. We've done that in this town too many times. This week Kenny showed everyone how to do ...

  • CMT did their Artist of the Year show this week and felt like they needed to be somewhat subdued. Probably the right call. They chose to take "we'll get through this" approach. Jason Aldean was on stage when the Las Vegas began. With all the terrible news this year, how ...

  • My ears are still ringing, my mind is still trying to process the sensory overload from Garth Brooks mega-show at Atlanta's new Mercedes Benz Stadium. Arthur Blanks' billion-plus baby is Jerry Jones' world ... just newer. Garth said yes to being the first concert at the ...

  • I think Luke Bryan said that this week when asked about the Las Vegas massacre. Everything that could be said has been said. It has been off-the-scale sadness along with shock. It was an all-nighter once the phone started ringing around 2a Central Time Monday morning. ...

  • September 29, 2017
    Take A Knee ... Or Not

    What a week! It's like the '60s all over again and in a bad way. The "take a knee" NFL protest spilled over a little into Country music this week but with little traction. A singer sang the Anthem and took a knee and pumped the fist. Social media was ugly with the ...

  • September 22, 2017
    50 Years Of Nashville Hits

    It is true ... Nashville is a song town. It is what separates the Nashville made music from everywhere else. Country performance and recordings are what you see and hear, but it's the songs that live forever. The Ryman this week was the site of a one-time-and-done show ...

  • September 15, 2017
    An Emotional Overload

    The death of Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry was hard to accept. The news of his helicopter crash came in at the same time we learned Country Music Hall of Famer Don Williams had passed as well. It was too much to take. The death of one of the greatest voices in ...

  • September 8, 2017
    Mother Nature Is Angry!

    From Music City gas prices to charity fundraisers, everyone around here is tuned in and tuned up by all the acts of nature in full force. Fires in the West, Hurricanes in the South all the attention of the country is on these emergency situations. Harvey's misery is ...

  • September 1, 2017
    Free Tequila?

    Well, here's an idea that I have a never seen before ... A Country music festival in the city of Miami with free tequila on tap. According to the Miami Herald, the Tequila Bay Country Music Festival will have free tequila on tap. That sounds like a great idea, but from ...

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