• I feel like there is an epidemic plaguing our workforce right now. Employees are eagerly -- often naively -- chasing that next job title too quickly. Employees appear obsessed with getting a new set of business cards. Something changed. I don't know when, but it did. Now, more and more employees seem motivated by the idea of getting promoted rather than becoming competent and successful in their current position.

    I have to ask myself, what's the rush? Why the urgency?

    Is it fear?Are people so worried that if they don't take the next step immediately they'll close the door on future opportunities? Where did this anxiety around not progressing come from? Maybe it comes from the misguided belief that if you aren't constantly climbing the corporate ladder, then you aren't growing; you aren't as good as your peers; your company will think less of you; you will be disappointing those who have invested in you so far.

  • The alarm clock annoyingly buzzes. Loudly. Your first instinct is to pull the duvet up over your head. It doesn't help. Your mind is sluggish. Your body creaks. With very little coordination and too much disorientation you're on your feet. Wobbling. You march in a ...

  • "Weak foundations are the most common cause for an eventual collapse; and you can'teasilyfix the foundations once you've already started building!" I seem to remind others I work with (and myself) of this sentiment often. It has proven to be one of the most powerful ...

  • Programming a radio station is not an easy assignment. The program director (or brand director or content director -- there are so many labels for the role today) collaborates in the creation of the strategic plan and takes responsibility for its effective ...

  • "I want my people to be better. All of my people. I want to start with those who have the responsibility for coaching and developing other employees."Despite those words being delivered by a manager with a somewhat strident voice, the sentiment was refreshing to hear. ...

  • May 16, 2017
    Why Positivity?

    The best performers are positive. They have a fundamentally positive outlook on life. They laugh and smile more, they bitch and whine less and they are better at dealing with change. The law of attraction suggests that whatever you focus on most will create a ...

  • "Experience is often a weak predictor of performance." Those were the words I heard come tumbling from my lips and fill the emptiness of my office as I spoke with a colleague. Since uttering those words aloud I have found myself wondering why I arrived at such a ...

  • I was caught off guard this week when someone asked;"Which one quality do you see missing from inexperienced coaches?" My mind instantly started acting like one of those old fashioned rolodexes, quickly flicking through all the possibilities. Mentally I was scrolling ...

  • April 18, 2017
    The Power Of One Word

    The secret to success in business is durable competitive advantage. Only products that demonstrate a desirable difference to their competitors are likely to win audience attention. Our brains act like filters that protect us from too much information. We're hard wired ...

  • April 11, 2017
    Where Is Your Hunger?

    There is one common denominator among successful people. Hunger. They have a desire to master or achieve something. They have a drive to propel themselves forward. They are willing to do everything necessary to achieve their vision. Successful people have set a higher ...

About The Author
Paul Kaye

Originally from England, Paul spent nearly a decade programming radio stations in the UK before moving to Canada in 2012. While working for Newcap Radio, Paul programmed Classic Hits, Hot-AC and CHR formats in Vancouver & Calgary. Paul was also Newcap’s National Talent Development Director, tasked with improving performance across all content teams, overseeing syndication and leading talent acquisition. In 2016, he joined Rogers Media, as National Talent Coach and National Format Director (CHR). Paul was somehow named International PD of the year in 2016 (vote re-count pending) and is a certified coach.

Paul lives in Toronto and can be reached at kaye.paul@mail.com.

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